Please give us your actual drawer dimensions, NOT your opening dimensions

Please note that these dimensions are for drawers. Adjustment will need to be made for rollout drawers installed behind doors to allow for hinge clearance. Please make sure to check with your specific hardware.


Sidemount slides:

For our standard 9/16” sides:

DRAWER WIDTH: Deduct 1” overall from rough opening size 

DRAWER DEPTH: This is front to back. Any depth in increments of 2”. This is generally an even number

DRAWER HEIGHT: Deduct a minimum of 1/2” from height of rough opening

Undermount Slides:

DRAWER WIDTH:  9/16” side material - deduct 1/2” overall
                                     1/2”   side material - deduct 5/8” overall
                                    5/8”   side material - deduct 3/8” overall

DRAWER DEPTH: This is front to back. Depth will vary depending on length of slide Slides range from 9” - 30” and increase in length in increments of 3”

DRAWER HEIGHT: Deduct a minimum of 3/4” from rough opening